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could you send me a mail at how much you would accept for these, inc shipping Netherlands? Or perhaps you are looking for other parts? I´d like these for myself.
You could send me a mail at [email protected] , thats my shop.
Thank you very much already. I had a set of these back in the days and had to sell then due to financing my shop.

Rik Zuurbier
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Hi there,
If the wheels where not sold, would you mind sharing the same information with me please?
I am located in France near Montpellier.
[email protected]
Hi Per and all who enquired about these rims. price has been slightly reduced (as well as the 1971 Cromodora CD 35 set of 4 ). Soon a car will be shipped to Europe in a 20 feet container and that could be the chance to save on transport cost ,the moment they share the room inside the box. ETA 40 days. Also still available GTA 1600 differential and the 105.16 TI Super parts previously listed .
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