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Brakes sticking

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At times it feels like my rear brakes are sticking... the car will not roll freely. I'm not sure if it's the e-brake.

I can tap the brakes and sometimes it releases, but it got pretty bad the other night. Any similar experiences/ fixes?

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The day after I bought my GTV6 last year I drove it from Maryland to Florida. I got stuck in traffic South of DC and where it was stop and go for about 2 hours. During that time I heard what sounded like the rear brakes sticking...but with a long drive ahead I didn't think much of it because I was tired and cranky.

After about 500 miles or so of carefree though A/C less driving I pulled off the highway. When I went to slow down I hit the brake pedal and it went all the way to floor...I actually thought it was the clutch pedal until I very quickly realized otherwise. Luckily with panic strength and good front brakes I was able to stop.

Turns out the calipers had seized and practically destroyed the rear pads and leaked out all the fluid heading to the rear brakes.

Definitely one of the scariest moments of my life...moral of the story: Don't mess around with weird sounding brakes. Get those suckers rebuilt.
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yeah 10-1 odds the rear calipers are getting the piston cups stuck on 1 or more spots.....could be fine for 6 months could fail tomaro.....thing is theres only 3 ways they fail

full freeze with pad stuck out or in
fluid blow out
stick over night

good or bad...if they simply get stuck odds are you wont notice till your in a panic stop or hard brakeing on wet or loose conditions when only the front half locks up........when i got the gtv6 the brakes always felt a lil weak and the e-brake didnt work(non functional ebrake was a sign)...1 day in the rain all it was doing was locking 1 front wheel....both rears frozen as well as a partial front...wich resulted in blowing the seals in the MC

moral?....if any 1 brake caliper is giveing issues...go thru the ENTIRE system (unless you know how old/fresh everything is)blow out the lines with brake clean, rebuild ALL calipers and rebuild or blow out the MC
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pistons seizing, more than likely. easy to fix though, pull the pistons, mic them for diameter, and get them re-plated, put em back in with new seals. The alloy calipers dont help either, if you don't maintain the calipers regularly, ie for corrosion, you get surface corrosion, the magnesium sacrifices a white powder, which binds the pads into their housings, so even if the pistons are not stuck, the pads sometimes dont retract cleanly.
116 type rear brakes


All these tales of doom:eek:

Things do fail but I suspect your problem is the cable in the ebrake system is overcomming the return spring effort due to corrosion.
Particularly if you didn`t bail out of the "Chocolate City" during Katrina.:rolleyes:
I guess it will eventually become the "Crescent City" again hopefully.:p
However down here in the South it seems to happen to most of the 116 cars just from our environment.

I suggest you try to lubricate & loosen the cable. Since that will require removing the cable,from the brakes in the rear, I would suggest readjusting the brakes. Pushing the pads back in the pistons & following the instructions in the manual. If the pads are worn, it makes the problem worse. If they havent been changed recently have them on hand ( $20.00 at Autozone etc.expensive pads serve little purpose in a street car rear brake sys)

In the meantime when you release the e-brake. first step HARD on the brake petal before releasing it. That takes the pressure off of the internal system in the calipers. Do not use anything but DOT3 and down here it is a good idea to flush the system annualy because of moisture.
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GTV-6 Sticky Brakes

Thanks guys for the suggestions. I'm going to go through it this weekend.

It's funny because it is always moist and humid here and it was actually raining a bit. Hmmm... You know it's been my experience that a few special things are much better moist... but ALFAs ain't one of them!

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