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brake warning light

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since it's been doing some heavy rain and getting the streets flooded when i pass from them with my serie 3 33 the brake warning light in the dash switches on. i supposed that it happens because the pads are wet. recently it did the same but the light kept turning on or it beebs. the signal is coming from the left hand side pad, i know because when i disconnected the wire of the left hand and went for a drive it stopped, it seems that the light turns on when im in turns or i come across bumps obviously from the left side. anybody has ever had this issue, or is it just a faulty wire, the pads were recently changed and i suppose that they wear the same on both sides. thanks.
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If a caliber is sticking on one side, pads will wear much more quickly on that side. Feel for more heat on one brake than the other.
I might be that the isolation on the pad leads or the permanent leads is damaged and touches some metal.
Low brake fluid level, misaligned or defective switch for pedal or handbrake lever.
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