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genericwood said:
IMHO, the only real benefit to alternate calipers is reduced unsprung weight. The stock calipers do fine with the stock rotors. Now if you are going to an alternate rotor, that's a different story. I run stock brakes (as required) when I run SCCA events and haven't had problems. Otherwise, I run Montreal vented rotors with 4-piston Wilwood aluminum calipers. To be honest, I can't tell much difference in ability to scrub off speed. Although I guess the Montreal/Wilwood set up does inspire confidence.

Either way, I run a good race pad and change brake fluid at least every other event!

There is one other advantage I can see to using the 4piston BMW caliper, and it's the reason that interests me, the larger piston area will allow you to dispense with the booster, saving a bit of weight, simplifying/tidying the underbonnet plumbing, & in my case saving me the cost of rebuilding the boosters :). Note, my car is RHD with the underfloor 2 circuit mc & twin booster arrangement.

How much are Montreal rotors worth? & do they bolt straight up to the 105 hubs? Probably more than I need, but as you said plenty of brake capacity is reassuring.
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