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Brake noise from piston?

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I posted here a few weeks ago in regards to a metallic, scraping noise when I apply the brakes. The pads had meat left on them and I tried some tricks that Tifosi suggested to no avail. I was told by a couple of friends (non-Alfa experts) that the pistons vibrating in the cylinders might cause this. I installed new pads (all four wheels) figuring that they would cause the pistons to ride further back in the cylinders and maybe eliminate the supposed vibration. I used anti-noise coating on the backs. Noise still there. I noticed that the rubber dust boots are pretty well shot. Would this allow the pistons to vibrate? I'd like to hear from anyone who has had a similar experience. Thanks, RM
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Hey RM

Tifosi was very thorough in his suggestions. Do you have an excessive ridge on the discs? Did you try a different compound pad when you changed them.

Good luck, my Anglia did that and it was infuriating (not to mention embarrassing).
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