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I bought the brake line kit from centerline but when I received it, it appeared that the kit isn't right for my car. I know centerline is good with their parts so I am wondering if my car isn't a stock setup. The lines on my car are as follows.

1. Master cylinder bottom hole to front driver side brake hose.

2. Master cylinder front side to 4 way splitter on passenger side.

3. Master cylinder back side to 4 way splitter on passenger side.

4. Splitter to front passenger side brake hose.

5. Splitter to coupler below firewall.

6. Coupler to rear brake hose.

7. Rear brake hose to two way splitter on drive axle.

8. Two way splitter to rear driver side caliper.

9. Two way splitter to rear passenger side caliper.

10 & 11. Short line from front brake hoses to front calipers.

It seems I have some of the correct lines, from the coupler back, the two short hoses for the front calipers for example. But the kit comes with 9, my spider has 11, and 2 of the nine don't correspond to any lines on the car.

To my knowledge this car is all stock, of course that info is based on what the PO has told me.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks guys.
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