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Brake lights and turn signals don't work

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On my '84 GTV6, these components were working a short while ago. I am familiar with the problematic circuit board design on these tail light assemblies, but I don't think that is the problem. My failure happened after I removed my windshield wiper motor and metal housing. I also removed those 3 black things that attach to the metal plate holding the motor in place, but I did not remove them from the engine bay. I thought it was a grounding issue, so I hooked up all 3 black things to the metal plate housing, but the tail lights still don't work. Does anyone think that I should re-hook up my wiper motor to complete an electrical circuit to get the tail light assemblies working again?

Or does anyone have other suggestions, fuse, or switch off steering column?

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First thing I will check the fuse and your wiring.
Alfa should has issued a multi-meter with GTV-6 ownership. Would have been more useful than the jack.
Do both the front and rear turn signals not work? How about if you put the hazard switch on? Anything? If the GTV-6 fuse box is like the Alfetta's - you can unhinge the whole thing and drop it down to turn over and check all the spade connections leading into the fuse/relay area. A good cleaning in there sometimes works magic on the electrics.
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