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Greeting, this is my first post on this forum.
I have a 164 LS and she is taking up much of my spare time. Power steeing hose leak. Great info.s

Now, for the more mature occupants of my garage. My '60 Spider needs some attention.

I went to put on a refurbrished brake drum on the right rear. It's checks out to the proper ID specs and is not, out of round, etc.etc.

Fits like a gloove but low and behold, the two drum brake securing screw holes don't align. Just off by 5 mm. To close to the central hole.

Has anybody had that problem, I never swapped drum brakes before.
The SN on the brake drum is 1365-53017 C3 B0. The original SN is 1365-53017 @ . I probably have a earlier drum, I guess.

Any help as to what car, or car year, 1365-xxxx C3 BO fits to, would be helpful. Also, anyone want to swap?

Frank L
'59 Sprint
'60 Spider
'65 Giulia Spider
'94 164 LS
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