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Brake Booster or Vacuum

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I've noticed that my bake petal is hard and in reviewing other posts on the subject I have a question that relates to the vacuum valve / vacuum lines. If I have any vacuum leak other than in the brake line, should that affect the brake booster?

I have an 88 Graduate that had been sitting for the past few years, I noticed when braking hard it took a while to stop. Curious I tested the braking system...going fast and then standing on the brakes and could not get them to lock up. (I don't have ABS)

I removed the brake valve attached to the manifold, when I did the vacuum within the hose (between the brake booster and the valve) was released. So there was some vacuum within the line.

I have no clue about brakes at all so I'm looking for insight on the issue. I'm assuming that I should tighten/replace all the vacuum hoses first and if that doesn't solve the problem replace the booster. I'm not sure if the brake vacuum valve is defective either, it works...maybe just not they way it should. I would rather pay $40+ for new valve than $300+ for a new booster.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Think it's the booster.

ok so I didn't dig deep enough on the alfa board. I found the following link to help me:

I disconnected the vacuum hose at the booster, plugged the hole so the engine would start/run, and stepped on the brakes. No "woosh" sound was made.

Just need some reassurance here. Booster is bad correct?

More Testing

Starting the car with my foot on the brake, the peddle depresses somewhat.

While driving, if I lightly touch the brakes the car starts to brake...the further I push on the peddle, the harder the brakes become to stop the car. I still haven't been able to get the car to lockup all 4 brakes in the neighborhood. It's funny however because when the neighbors are outside they're looking at me wondering what the heck I'm doing starting and stopping up and down the road.

I'm convinced that it's the booster at this point.

Does anyone know if you can remove the booster without having to disconnect the brake lines from the MC?

The MC was rebuilt in 05 (according to documentation) so would it be a good time to replace the brake fluid anyway?

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I realize this is an older thread, however, I had the same problem and after rebuilding the booster, busting my knuckles getting the check valve out to clean it, the issue turned out to be a cracked vacuum hose (from the booster to the check valve. Moral of the story: always check the easiest things first!!! 🤦‍♂️
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