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After reading as good as all available posts and info written about bleeding the brakes on my Spider 1974 with its dual circuit system, i think i can finally write a "recipe" for bleeding the brakes.
I have tried "everything" to get a good result without falling for the temptation of just buying a new brake master cylinder and a new brake booster.
So finally i can conclude with :

Buy a pressure brake bleeder system like the one i bought, a Gunson Eezibleed.

It's just a wonderfully easy thing to work with! Forget vacuum systems, 2 man bleed jobs, expensive shops, compressors and so on. Waste of time and money. At least to me the code is cracked. I know a lot of people struggle with bleeding these dual circuit systems, i don't even wanna think of how many hours i have spent trying to get good strong brakes on my Alfa.

Hook up the system according to the manual, start by bleeding the right rear wheel; open bleed nipple, push the brake pedal down 2-3 times slowly and just watch and behold :nerd:
Close bleed nipple after you see no more air bubbles (some tiny tiny bubbles are ok).
Go on to front right wheel, then left rear wheel (drivers side) and finally left front wheel. Just make sure you stay under 20 PSI pressure when bleeding.
And when you're done doing the brakes; hook it up to the clutch system and bleed that one too. It's done in a flash.

So, if you still do not get good strong brakes after bleeding the brakes this way, i believe it's safe to say that you have one or more faulty components.


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Mines a RHD Spider, I’m going to give your technique a try. I have recently used the easibleed after painting the callipers. The pedal was good but after a couple of weeks of no use the pedal goes to the floor.
Did you ever bleed the master cylinder?
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