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Brake and Clutch Hydraulic's Rebuild

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Its time for me to redo the brake and clutch hydraulics in my 69 Spider Jr. The clutch hose leaks, the reservoir leaks and one of the rear brakes grabs when cold. As long as I'm taking it all apart I figure it'll make a good winter project and rebuild the clutch and brake masters and all 4 calipers. I'll also be replacing all the rubber hoses. The questions is will I be doing any harm if I leave the metal brake lines exposed for several months? If so what can I use to block off the lines? Can I just leave the old hoses on and clamp them?

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Little silicone plugs are available where they sell powedercoat stuff.

Those would probably be the ideal.

Might not hurt to plug the low end and backfill with fresh brake fluid then plug the high end so there's not any air trapped in there to help corrosion along while it sits.

The old hoses will have a hard weave liner insdie them making them very difficult to clamp shut. ('crush' would be more the term actually)

Of course the other alternative would be to raplace the hardlines at the same time as the soft so you're positive everything about the rebuild is fresh, sparkly and clean.
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