Cleaning out Alfa library of various manuals. Cheap. See each listing:
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1- sold

2- How to Tune and Modify Bosch Fuel Injection. Covers Motronic, L-Jet as well as D, L, LH, K & KE -Jetronic Systems including Specifications for Alfa Romeo and most other manufacturer`s cars using the Bosch designs listed. 175 pages.
$15.00 and shipping.
Automotive parking light Car Vehicle Tire Automotive lighting

3- Bosch Fuel Injection & Engine Management
Covers all Motronic systems (Inc. LH &KE) and all Jetronic systems including L-Jet
200+ pages.
$15.00 and shipping
Publication Audio equipment Book Gas Font


4-IAP`s Engine Maintaince Manual
AlfaRomeo GTV6 2.5
$16.00 includes shipping Or free with other Manual purchased
Brown Wood Font Hardwood Commemorative plaque


5- Fred DiMatteo`s ALFA ROMEO OWNERS CLUB`S Tec Service Notes Series on Bosch FI systems, Electronics and Electrics.
$15.00 and shipping ($27.00 as this will have to go in a large Flat Rate box (USA only))
Font Rectangle Book Wood Handwriting