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I installed a set of euro lights a Rice student brought me back from summer break. Installed them a week back, but with all the rain we have been having, did not try adjusting them until last night. I knew they were off because planes and helicopters where clearly visible. Last night I spent some time trying to improve their throw on the actual road. These are the version with the white twist knob on the back.

The white knob was in the 12 position. After finding a fairly dark wall, I played with the knob and determined that if it was in the 3 or was it 9 position the lights were aiming much lower. The right side seemed much lower than the left. Since the brackets that hold the headlight to the body are slotted or oval ( rear support bracket ) you have some adjustment on the actual placement within the body. After removing the right side headlight, I only found two adjustment screws. There is one on the outer edge on each headlight towards the fender. The other - only accessible when the headlight is removed from the body is close to being in the center of the assembly. After adjusting the center adjuster I was able to get the passenger side to the same level as the drivers side.

Now once I turn on the high beams everything is all over the place. With the low beams on, now I see a good amount of light evenly in front of the car and the reflective road sings are clearly visible. I wanted to find out what the two adjusters do before I mess with trying to adjust these headlights again - especially the high beams. Jason sent me the link to the lighting website that explains where you are aiming for, but I am trying to figure out what changes each adjuster does and if I am missing something else.

Any help from those that have done this is greatly appreciated.
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