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The following can be shipped Cont US for $5-10 depending on quantity, if you buy them all will ship free...

OK guys, gotta lighten the load, contact me at wabmw25 AT aol dot com about this stuff.
Andretti bio paperback in plastic $5
MGA resto guide $5
Porsche year 1982 Susanne Miller neat coming apart $5 SOLD
Illustrated Porsche buyers guide, from 89? 5 SOLD
illustrated Aston buyers guide 5
1962 New York International auto show official program, 205 pages! some water stains, a serious piece 10
1979 Indy 500 yearbook 215 pages another cool piece 10
Custom Painting S-A design 128 pages 5
porsche 914 gold portfolio 170 pages 5
Alfa Romeo Spider, Osprey pub 128 pages 5


Super Catalog of car parts and accessories COOL book of aftermarket stuff from 1974 15
DreaM cars Ian Kuhn 10
Driving in Competition Alan Johnson 10 SOLD
Cars in Profile 1 covers Ferrari and Porsche, F1 race cars 140 pages no cover 5
Cars in profile 2 D jag Matra, Mclaren M8 etc w cover 10
The designers LJK setright 20
the greatest days of racing Peter Stevenson 20
The great cars Ralph stein 10
More healeys Geoffrey healey 15 SOLD
the story of the car david hodges no cover 5
Mercedes, nothing but the best John Helig 5

7 Automobile Quarterly 1968-1970 from England, some water damage on two, covers Mille Miglia, Bertone Scarab, Brooklands, Carricaola, etc, GREAT old books $50 for all 7!

1973 Alfa GTV owners manual, torn back cover $15

get em before they are banned..


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I will take these two:
illustrated Aston buyers guide 5
porsche 914 gold portfolio 170 pages 5

Let me know how you want payment.

Sale Books / AQs

I'm interested in the AQs; but will not know until this evening if they overlap or duplicate my current holdings.

Please inform me when Cheryl doesn't want them or about the left overs from Cheryl.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts