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I am well aware that the forum is for other Italian cars and I`m likely to have my post thrown off but in the absence of a more suitable forum I seek others guidance.

If you search downs the posts on this forum you will find ``Lancia Aurelia drive shafts help sought`` the Lancia owners did me proud -- the part I seek is not Lancia. Similarly the Porsche owners, actually early 911 owners club did me proud, nothing to do with Porsche.

Close examination of the shaft revealed a BMW logo and part number -- BWM helpfully couldn`t identify the source vehicle but suggested their owner`s club.

The UK owners club required me to pay membership fees before offering help, the US group accepted my internet membership but it has progressed no further.

Why are BMW owners/enthusiasts so precious about their toys -- or am I missing something?

The 2008 Casale Della Ioria, Torre Del Piano is recommended....

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