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Bleeding the clutch on a 69 1750 spider

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Is there a write up for bleeding the clutch line on a 69 spider - that is with standing pedals?

If not a couple of questions:

1. Do you bleed the entire system through the slave cylinder? The reason I ask is that both master and slave cylinders are at roughly the same position so it is easy to imagine a bubble getting caught somewhere.

2. Not sure if the master cylinder rebuild took (or if I am having trouble bleeding) - if not do I look for a new one, or is there another option - like a sleeve?
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No special procedure. Make sure the bleed screw on the slave is upwards. If the master is off the car, you can sometimes run some fluid through it, "bench-bleeding" it to get it started before installing it. You can also do this in the car by cracking the outlet fitting at the pipe while pressing down on the pedal, but this can make a mess. At least it's under the car in a 69, not in the engine cmpt.

Yes they can be sleeved by Whitepost and others if you don't have good cylinder walls.

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