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I ran in to this problem a few days ago. I have the duel brake system on a 1969 Spider. Had a couple of friends over thinking that that was the way to go. I had one guy bleed the front right while I bled the rear right and the third guy working the brake peddle. After about an hour of trying different ways of doing it but getting no where and using a bit of language that my mother would not like to hear me using we decided to give it up.

Long story short: After thinking about it over night, and yes even while sitting on the throne, I bought the following off of Ebay as listed: (just do a search on the words in quotes.)

1. “Bolt Screw Extractor, Irwin power-grip 394100 7pc Bulk” (This item is only needed if you can’t get the old bleeders out. But still a handy tool.) Hint: cut the nipple off the bolt end. Use a bigger extractor from the kit. You get more torque on the bleeder screw threads. I used a 12v Hitachi impact driver. There’s something about that “banging” that does the job.

2. “NEW Motive Products Power Bleeder Kit For European Cars PN# 0100” (this model is for Alfa )

3. “Alfa Romeo Brake Clutch Speed Bleeders Spider Alfetta” (Make sure you get the right set for your car. This set has 5 bleeders, one for the clutch.)

I installed the bleeders, (I was by myself. My two friends were off playing golf. I have heard some people say that golf is “a good walk spoiled.” Ask me how I know.) filled the power bleeder, pumped up to 15 lbs, opened left front and left rear just ¼ turn. I did pump the pedal, with vigor, a few times (while the bleeders were open.) just to get the master cylinder out of his sleep mode. After locking down the bleeders I did the same for the right side. Also did the clutch system. Lots of crap came out. ( none out of my mouth.) My Alfa is now a “happy camper” hydraulically speaking.

BTW: I have no connection with the Ebay items in my note..Just a happy user..
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