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I was looking at it too (mostly lust!) and it is a very pretty car.
Here are a couple of things that I was thinking about while day dreaming:

1. It has a reserve. The guy could easily want $10k for this car considering the amount of work that has been done.

2. Its pretty hard to believe that this 88' Milano has only 26,000 miles. If it is 26k on the rebuild, it will need a new timing belt. Acctually, even if those are original miles, it will need a new timing belt. When were the donuts last changed?

3. Who assembled the engine and did all the work? I could be wrong, but hasnt Sperry been closed for a while? The heads have to be atleast 4 years old.

4. The seller seems to know a lot about the car, I wonder why he is selling it?

5. hood looks like it needs new clearcoat

6. I had those seats in an old gtv6, they are really comfy and im totally diggin the black and maroon

7 I really like the car... want to lend me some $$$ :D
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