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Classic Alfa had a couple of small parts listed on their website that I had been tempted to order twice. Both times when I got to the checkout window and saw a shipping charge for $40, I cancelled the order, despite their note "that small items will be charged at lower rates".

Finally on December 23rd it was decided to order two of those new copper ground straps (EL033) and the tiny cigarette lighter terminal, held on with a brass nut, ( that goes on the back end on the lighter; something that I will never use but I could see that the copper filament was broken. Their online price at checkout was $65 but when the Paypal payment cleared CA was good to their word and only charged $35 total or about $6 for mailing from UK to USA. Bravo CA! I chose the economy shipping option and it only took 2 weeks for the parts to arrive -over the Christmas & New Years Holiday.

Montreal Parts - Montreal Original NOS Parts - Classic Alfa

Thanks again to Papajam

Now I wish that I had ordered a pack of those 'Grub' screws for the door handles...but I only need 2 or maybe 4 of them.
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