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A couple of years ago I purchased a set of rear lenses for my Montreal from the above seller. They were described as undamaged apart from one crack in a white backup lens. That was ok with me, I bought the lenses direct rather than through the eBay process.

When I got around to opening them, I discovered that one of the screw holes had been broken and glued back in place. All efforts to get in touch with the seller went unresponded. I wasn't sure if he had disappeared or was ignoring my queries. After many tries, I gave up.

He now has some parts listed on eBay. Out of curiosity I tried to bid on one, only to discover he has blocked my bidding. This strongly hints that he received my emails, but chose to ignore me as a way of ripping me off for the undisclosed damage.

Be very wary of his offerings and descriptions. I note he lists a brake booster for a Montreal which he describes as "new". His is black. I've only ever seen new ones in a golden plated finish. His might be new, or it might not.

A seller that won't even respond to a legitimate claim should be avoided.
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