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Best way to clean/restore Millerighe mags.

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I have a 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider with Millerighe mags and i want to clean and eventually restore them. Do you have any tips on colouring, finish and touch ups that i would need to do to get them in their original condition?

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I have a lot of luck with rattle can spray paint. Looks great but not super durable. I also have power coated my rims. Very durable and my first choice. Either way have them sand, walnut or what ever medium the out you bring then to recommends. My powder coat guy does the sandblasting all in one shop.

Ken Smith
When you're ready, I would have them professionally done. They will fix any bend in your rim, curb rash, etc.. You will also have a wider range of colors and durability to choose from. New matching wheel lugs. Also have the tires remounted using the newer style flat weights. BUT FOR NOW....I would just give them a good cleaning, primer and paint using rattle cans.
get some steel wool to that rusty lug nut (and replace the wrong one!) and already the wheels will look 50% better:)

I use a dremel on the wheel lugs, they come up nicely....fiddly work doing one at a time with all the facets but it's worth it.
Don't BLAST magnesium. Walnut may be ok, don't know. Sand. No way.
Don't BLAST magnesium. Walnut may be ok, don't know. Sand. No way.
Good call - I have a question is magnesium going to turn up any issue after 30 years?

Ken Smith
I'm definately not an expert. No way. But, my approach is - if not showing signs of oxidation/corrosion, then best to leave the base treatment alone. Clean/smooth with low impact media - don't mess with original treatment of mag - and paint.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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