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Great write up Jamie!! I also only use Lodge.
Not really very expensive compared to Platinum.

I might add that Alfas are designed to burn a
little oil, with 1 quart per 500 miles not
a-typical. This said, platinum plugs do not
do very well in this enviroment. They are more
suited to Japanese engines, which burn very very
little oil, and thus do not faul the plugs.

One other reason to use Lodge plugs is flame front
propagation from the plug into the cylinder.
Since Alfas have hemi heads, and the plug is
located directly over the cylinder, the open
design on the Lodge helps propagate a nice even
flame front down the cylinder. Note that most
engines using conventional one electrode plugs
have them mounted at an angle into the head.
And most street races index them to point the
gap towards the piston.

I just bought a copy of the Alfa Romeo Bible, and
really cringed when I read that the author prefers
to use Champion plugs. It really makes me wonder
about the rest of the info in the book. But the
book is well laid out, and lots of photos and other info.

BTW I dont even use Champions in my lawn mower:D

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When I think about the last time I used Champion
plugs, it was in my 66 Chevy. That said, I should
not bash Champion plugs today, since they may have
improved over the years.

In my 66, the Champions would wear very fast, so
I switched to AC's, which when visually inspected
look like much higher quality than the Champions.
They also lasted longer had less electrode wear,
and thus held a gap better.

I also have a Mitsubishi, and I have always used
NGK's, which also are of very high quality. In
fact when I remove/replace them every 15K miles, they
still look very good. I also run the NGK's in my
mower, with good results.

It used to be before the internet days, it was a
hassle to get Lodge plugs for our Alfas. I always
bought them 8 at a time just to keep some around.
Now you can go on line and find about a dozen places that
stock them for around $5 each. As a comparision,
my NGK's run about $2-3 each, so not a significant
difference in price.

I also have a Honda Odyssey, and I think it has
Nippodenso plugs, and they want $12 each!! They
also say that they last 100K miles, we'll see.

Man, Im rambling here, coffee has not kicked in yet

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