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best...any? 1600 mods

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I am rebuilding a 1600 for my duetto. I was wondering if people here have any suggestions for improving overall performance and or reliability or should i just rebuild completely stock? This will be a driver and i would prefer to improve the 0-60 mph time if anything.

many thanks
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While Alfas are not going to win many 0-60 battles these days, you can easily add more performance. If you have the cylinder head cleaned up a bit, port matched to the intake and exhaust manifolds, and add larger intake valves and 11mm cams you get a noticeable gain. Best of all, the Originali Police won't know what you've done, so you can enjoy your car without all the "Hey, that's not original" comments.

An electronic ignition is one of the best improvement for the older cars. That may not give more horsepower, but eliminating the points will make the car easier to maintain while providing a hotter spark.

Don't let anyone talk you into headers unless you're going racing. I speak from my own sad experience.
Gary is right on the mark! I have been very happy with my Duetto 1600 motor. It has mild port smoothing, matched intake to manifold ports, 10548 cams (clearance set per Gary's recomendations...thanks!), and about 3 lbs off the stock flywheel.
She idles very well and shows a nice improvement in acceleration.
I've added a Pertronix ignition module to a couple of Giulias (Bosch distributors) and would strongly second Gary's advice. The Pertronix costs about $80, and their tech rep can suggest the most appropriate unit for your Duetto. You will have to slightly modify the base plate for the module (the whole unit fits beneath the distributor cap) to mount it to the distributor plate, but it's not a big deal. Not necessarily a power booster, but timing will always be dead on (no point bounce, etc.) and starting up will be easier.
thanks for the advice.

i just looked at my cams and they are 105200320000

I have checked twice. My parts cat. does not list this as original or optional for the 1600. Although the original number is supposed to be 105020320000. Do you guys have any ideas. I did a search but i did not find any mention of a 1600 with those cams.

The nicest easy upgrade is to drop in a 1750, which is not what you asked. If you can find a good running one, it can be a lot cheaper than doing a full rebuild, plus cams, plus head work, on your 1600. Bolt the 1600 flywheel onto the 1750 crank and you can drop it right in, with the stock mechanical clutch.

Then put the 10548 cams in the 1750 and you've got a great combo. That's what I have in my Super, and love it.

1600 warm-up


Contact me off board if you want to chat about this. I don't feel like dealing with a bunch of kibitzers and originali polizie !

Greg <[email protected]>
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