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Bertone Badge(s)

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A question for the purists, detailers, judges, or anybody for that matter. How many Bertone badges are supposed to be on a GTV? One or two? And if only one, what side of the car does it go on? I've seen countless GTVs both ways. Also seen known original examples with only one (on the right side) and Alfa press photos with a badge on the left. The 1750 parts book lists a quantity of one but the drawings show a badge on both sides! 'Sup wi dat? Did RHD/LHD make a difference? Or was it just a 'badge du jour' kind of thing?
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My GTV's bertone badge is on the right. But the PO did give me "the left one" as he said. There's no trace of it ever being on the left side.

It was probably was a Euro/American thing. On my 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV (US version) there are two bertone badges and that's what i am going to stick with. I am not sure about Euro GTV'S but they might have only one badge. Does anyone know??
It looks like my 115.01 only have it on the passenger side.

On my 73 US GTV right now, only the "chrome holder" is there and the "disegno di bertone" badge is missing.

There is no sign of there was ever a badge on the driver side. No bondo, no holes, smooth surface. :confused:
Richard at Alfaholics told me that there is only supposed to be one on the passenger side, so I only bought one.

Then I got home and looked at my Febbraio 1968 issue of Quattroruote magazine, and it clearly shows the Bertone badge on both sides of the Berlina.

They are about $20 bucks plus shipping.
This was debated on the A-D a couple of years ago and consensus was one on the passenger side. From personal experience, when I stripped my '73 GTV prior to it's repaint, there were no mounting holes for a Bertone badge on the left side.

I just took a peek at Pignacca's Alfa Romeo Giulia GT book, and all of the photos of 1750 and 2000 GT's have the Bertone badge on the passenger side (Right side as all of the period photos are LHD cars). It looks like the earlier step nose cars have a Bertone badge on both sides.

Yes, it should only be on the passenger side on the "smooth nose" cars. I am sure a few people obsessed with symmetry have added them when these cars go painted over the years!
I can confirm, both of my step-nosed GTV's had the Bertone badges on both sides. There's a difference in badges between the two body styles too.

Check out the cool wall hanging souvenir I got when I asked for the badges from the GTV I sold.

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