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The Bertolotti family has kindly invited the ARA to view its collection of American antique and European classic automobiles at its facility in Santa Clara. Mr. Reid Bertolotti represents the youngest of the three generations that continues to preserve and expand a tradition of car collecting in the family; Reid will be our host for the tour of the collection (Reid currently owns/drives a '59 Sprint and a '65 Spider Veloce). Since Reid’s grandfather purchased his first 1926 Model-T Ford in the late 1960s, the family has carefully assembled a formidable collection of over 100 vehicles which includes early 1900s American cars (Packards, Pierce-Arrows) and ‘50s~’70s-vintage European classic and sports cars. This collection is not widely publicized in the Bay Area, and is a true gem that reflects the automotive passion of the very-understated Bertolotti family; it's interesting as well to discern how this passion morphs through the decades as showcased by the differing focus of each of the three family generations. Some photos of the collection and a short story may be found at the following links (there will also be a link on ARA’s Facebook Page):

Bertolotti's Car Collection
Northern California Packards: Club News

We will meet at Starbucks Coffee on North First Street (2579 N. First Street, San Jose, CA, corner of N. First St. and Trimble Rd.) at 9:30 AM, Sat. 3/19, after which participants will take a very short drive to the Bertolotti facility to view the collection. A lunch spot for after the viewing is being planned, and will be announced at the meeting place morning of the event.

Please RSVP for the event below:

See you soon!
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