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Berlina suspension

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I am trying to improve the suspension on my 74 berlina. A friend has advised to make the front hard as hard and rear soft as soft. A solution was to use yellow konis on front and koni reds or adjustable spax on the rear. I am not sure if to mix suspension or go yellows all the way round.
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105 cars like soft rear to keep the wheels on the ground with the relatively unsophisticated, heavy rear axle. My Konis are half firm in front, full soft in the back, per recommendation of a local racer. Works well for me on street and track.
thanks Andrew do you have reds or yellows
And just for comparison, and while I too have always read the same advice re this, I have run koni yellows in my 1750 GTV for the past 12 years with no problems.

I used to have Koni reds revalved to yellow specs in my '73 2L Berlina, with shortened firmer spec springs all round, which I mostly used on the road but as well on the track and again no dramas there either.

So I guess on that basis, perhaps it really doesn't matter all that much ??? I will be running Koni yellows in my Giulia Super, when it is finished. I also have Koni yellows for my '69 Fiat AC 124 sport. So perhaps I am simply biased towards these :D
Koni Yellows are adjustable for rebound valving only. Their bump valving is constant regardless of rebound settings.
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