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Alfa 105/115 parts to clear. Most stuff is 2000 Berlina, which I just parted, unless otherwise indicated. Pick up in Berkeley, CA, or can ship small stuff.


* Package shelf for AC car (fits reg. Berlina and Giulia w/ slight mod) $20

* Two map pockets for right kick panel (also Giulia). $5 each

* Light tan door panels; RF (has speaker hole), LR; good, slight sunburn top edges. $20 pair

* Pair door opening stainless kick plates. $15

* Pair interior light switch with covers (Giulia too). $10

* Pair sunvisors (Giulia too). $30

* Set four window winder handles. $20

* Pair kick panel air vents (Giulia too). $5

* Pair retractor-part rear seat belts. $5

* Giulia TI instrument pod. $25.

* Giulia TI red/amber taillight lens pair. $20


* Three 5 3/4" headlight buckets w/ retainer (two inner, one outer). $15

* Four rectangular side marker lights w/ rubber bases (1971 on). Also GTV. $20

* 2000 Berlina center grille. $10

* Three cowl body pieces over wiper assembly. $25 each

* Hood. $50

* Trunk lid. $40.

* Several doors. $40 each.

* License light shelf w/light and ALFA ROMEO script. $15

* Stainless side spears under door. $30 pair.

* Left vent window (windwing) w/ gasket (Giulia too). $20

* Pair vent window gearboxes (Giulia too). $10

* Pair C-pillar chrome air extractor vents. $25

* Bertone badge; faded. $5

* Glued-windshield shiny trim (missing small bottom center clip) $20

* Pair front turn signal units (also GTV, 70s Spider) $20

* Full-width Giulia TI grille. So-so. $25


* Bosch SPICA fuel delivery pump (also GTV, Spider). $75

* Main (front) fuel filter (no pressure switch) (also GTV, Spider). $10

* SPICA trunk vapor canister w/ valve (also GTV, Spider). $15

* Pair stock rear Berlina springs. $20

* SPICA air box. $10

* Rear axle trunnion arm $20

* Berlina main parking brake cable. $25

* Parking brake handle assembly w/ rack. Also GTV, Spider. $25

* Pair Koni front shocks, good used condition. Also GTV, Spider, Giulia. $50

* Pedal assembly (1971 on) w/ pedals, booster, brake MC (no res), clutch MC. Also GTV, Spider. $50

* Wiper assembly w/ motor. Also fits Giulia w/ slight mod. $75

* Pair wiper arms. $20

* Pair horns. $10

* Rear brake proportioning valve (also GTV, Spider). $20

* Full set of hard brake lines, good cond. $20

* Full set of hard fuel lines w/ insulation. $20

* Two sets Berlina hood latch mechanism. $10 each

* Late 70s Spider air pump (probably Alfetta too). $30

* Alfetta air injection rail. Excellent. $30

* Fuse box (also GTV, Spider). $5

* Rear sway bar (also GTV, Spider). $15

Email [email protected] or call (510) 526-0391. Sorry no pics, but can show parts in Berkeley. Have other odds and ends too, esp. for Giulia sedan and Berlina, so please inquire.

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benji, This is my first time purchasing an item. Your price$30.00 is accepted. Where do we go from here. By the way, do you have a heater motor for a 72 GTV? Thanks, billb

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I have hard brake line sets from two 2000 Berlinas. What are you looking for? I didn't label them on removal, so it may take a bit of figuring as to which is which, other than the obvious ones, like the long one that goes to the rear. Email me at [email protected]

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Hi Andrew:

I emailed you some time ago, and I just got the message back that it was undeliverable for 88 hours - something must be up with your email? I could not get throughthe queue. Anyway, the ones I need are the short ones that run to the front caliper, on a GTV or spider they curve back on themselves and are about 10 inches long with a female on one end and male on the other.

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