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it's almost a alfa romeo spider
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tired of look at that cracked/ missing plastic peice above the windshield? well for only 3.00$ you can fix it.. i posted this hint a few years ago.. but only learned how to post a few months back so here it is.. remove the upper stainless steel trim, and the 2 plastic side peices,, now remove the sunvisors, and the brokin plastic trim( oh yes.. the twoharware catches for the top.. get a peice of vinel from an sewing/dress shop..55x5" well be just fine.. clean the metal really well. contact cement the metal an the back of the vinel.. instal and trim. put the stainless steel upper trim on first, screw all 4 screws in tight. ( the vinel is on the car at this point) form the vinel to the contors of the frame. tuck the lower part of the vinel into the rubber windsheild gasket.. put back all the visors/ top hardware.. all done..looks nice yes?


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