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Bored on a Friday night...

Top: My car when I first bought it.
Bottom: My car lowered with panasports.

p.s. not much a a before & after, just new wheels.
...I was bored!

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I LOVE Panasports!

Eventually I will put a set on my Berlina.

So, my pal gave me a ride in this '75 BMW 2002 he is restoring. Mind you it's very nice, I happen to like 2002s. I was actually surprised when I rode in felt way less torquey then my Berlina and slower for that matter. The engine didn't seem to want to wind out like the Alfas do.

Anyhoo...nice Panasports Sniady...nice GTV as well. I want either a Black, Red, Silver or Le Mans Blue 74 GTV w/ Panasports. Some day I will HAVE ONE!!! BWAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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