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Bathurst October 1967 Race (The Gallaher 500)

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Just received a copy of the Bathurst 1967 program. It has listed GTV cars 60E, 62E and 63E as 1966 cars and GTV 61E is listed as a 1967 on page 9.
But on page 43 60E, 61E and 62E are listed as 1966 cars and 63E is listed as a 1967 car.

When car 60E seen time 17m22s came in for a wheel change the front brake was a Dunlop as what you would expect of a non Group 2 car.

Of all the four GTVs car 61E or 63E could have been a Group 2 cars.

Bathurst race in October 1967 was conducted under the the International Sporting code of the F.I.A. as stated on the race program. There were also other rules for the 1967 Bathurst in October race, which I will try to source.
If you have copies of these or any other rules from 1967 get in contact with me.

Regards Steve
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yep alfa 1600 completed 130laps and was chasing down the ford gt v8s that came 1st and 2nd also completing the 130laps(500 miles)
interesting all the alfas entered finished
so the next year in fear of 4cyl cars ford and holden (GM) went to 327 monaro and ford gt 302
alfa 1750 came 4th only 1 lap behind 3 x 327 gts and an alfa came 6th with a monaro 327 inbetween them
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It has to be said that the 1600GTVs certainly showed themselves well in this race. To be honest the Falcon GTs had a very slight comfort margin over the Alfas, which had to be driven flat out all the time. All it would have taken was a bit more tyre or brake wear or fuel usage & the 289 V8 Fords would have been seriously hard-pressed by the Alfas. As it was the Fords did have to run a little faster schedule than preferred.
But, the factory Ford Team boss Harry Firth was concerned enough to have the scrutineering technical specs for the Alfas at hand just in case....
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What might have been 😀
If the Alfa’s had won we might have not spent the next 50 + years watching taxis race around Bathurst 😜
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In the film, you will notice that the cylinder heads were removed and there was detailed measurement/checking of valves and other parts to confirm the cars were legal. It would be interesting to see those pull down documents if they still exist of the first 5 cars in 1967.
Good observation Steve. More to come about that and other things relevant to that race soon.
truley unbelievable then look at the next year (68) with the 327monaros and 302 fords
the phrase comes to mind v8s turn pertol into noise without side effect of power, certainly in the 70s and 80s
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