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I have read parts of the thread and it seems for to suffer from the bloggers discease (or pandemic) - the almost impossible task to communicate intelligently on the internet. It seems to me that the guy probably tries to be ironic, humoristic and deliberetely trying to piss off some of the purists - (and that he should - how interresting is forum like this showing off hundreds of thousands of original car-threads anyways)...but he probably fails in his attempt.

A couple of years back I was being pissed off by a friends fascination of the Honda S2000 swap in a Bertone. Last winter I bought my Alfa raceengine from a guy outside of Stockholm building a car just like that. He was talented and really doing his project "well"...AND it was for a purpose - a new racing series for "retro"-cars in sweeden with engine/drivetrain-options free. I still think it is/was a total rape, but have accepted and have started to like the "uncommon" initiative - AND he probably outruns all Alfa racecars (btw - the Honda engines ARE really good;)). If the purpose is somewhat else it should off course be allowed unless it is a unique cultural heritage beeing destroyed- like a 250 GTO or similar.

I have learned the last couple of years to be more tolerant even though tastelessness never is any good unless it is on the surreal side :D But who descides?

Best regards
Stian S, Oslo
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