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I've posted this in the Sedan and GTV forums - but maybe I should have asked here all along.....

On my '67 Giulia Super with a ZF steering box, the steering feels just fine every morning. Sharp turn-in, no play etc.

Then, in the evening, when it's warmer and I have to drive uphill for 10 miles (and so everything gets pretty hot), the steering just goes away...basically there's a lot more play right at the center of the steering, which makes the car quite hard to drive up a twisty hill (Hwy17 for the Bay Area residents). It's pretty disconcerting, and when I get home I can move the steering wheel and look at the front wheel and there does seem to be a lot of extra play - this has vanished by the time of the next drive.

I got some advice on steering box play adjustment - tighten screw until very slight resistance is felt at the center of the steering. I did this, noticeably stiffer steering at parking speeds, but no problem above 10mph...but that evening the play returned.

I wasn't sure what oil to use in the box so I used the same Spirax I use in the transmission.

All steering ball-joints and linkages and all other suspension bushings are brand new. When it's cold, the car handles like a dream

any ideas?

Scotts Valley, CA.
'67 GTV
'67 Giulia Super
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