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Ok - I’ve been silent - but I’ve been busy - just not on the Alfa.
It’s car rally season and we are done with 2 of the three rallies for the year.
Corsa Europe was moved to 2021 - so we were juggling cars around - the Ferrari broke the day we were going to ship it so the R8 made the trek out west - Ran great and hit 150 on the salt flats - don’t judge - that’s not an easy task.

wolf send us the tins for the Alfa - but it will be after mid October before we can get to it.
We are chasing a brake issue on the Ferrari - and we have developed a whine under load in 5th and 6th gear - so we know that’s gonna hurt.

here’s a pic or two of the Rari- stay tuned for more on the Alfa :)

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