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Offered for your consideration here is Marlena. We go waaaay back! In the spring of 1999 I was dating a woman named Sherry who drove a Ford Taurus but adored my little black Spider. One day we had a chance to test drive a 164 and she loved it, so we searched the country for the best one we could find, with all the options she wanted (leather, sunroof, etc.). We found this 1991 164L with 48,000 from the original owner near Columbus, Ohio. She had picked it because it matched the one in Alfa's dealer brochure exactly. It had been her baby, always garaged and pampered, and it really broke her heart to sell it because her growing family needed a bigger car.

Sherry used Marlena as her daily driver for about three years. During that time the car was one of the stars of our wedding! This car was always reliable and fun to drive. Sherry did get a ticket or two... A few flaws appeared in the clearcoat so we repainted the car in late 2000, choosing to go all-black for a more current style than the two-tone original. We also upgraded the wheels to 164S rims for a sportier look.

Sherry's long work commute necessitated a new warrantied car, and we sadly sold Marlena in 2001. The guy who bought her promised to join AROC and be our new best friend but he only kept her a month before selling her to a California car collector. That gentleman spent some good money on the car but then put it in storage. One day I was surfing e-Bay and there Marlie was! Sherry, by then the VP of AROC's Capital Chapter, couldn't resist buying her back. We flew to Long Beach, CA and drove home cross-country, right into the Valentine's Day Blizzard of 2003, with no problems at all. ABS and front wheel drive served us well as lesser cars spun off the road.

Since she was no longer a daily driver, we focused on making Marlie an even better tourer. We added a Ricambi performance chip to bring her to 201 hp, and performance springs and shocks from IAP that lowered her stance and made her even more aggressive-looking. This car as a result handles just brilliantly, really loves the twisties as much as any car its size.

However, with too many Alfas at our place she was not getting driven enough, and 164s like to be driven. So we leaked the word that she was seeking a good new home and fortunately our Capital Chapter friend Bob L offered just such a home beside his GTV6. He drove Marlie regularly and she went from 89,000 to 104,000 miles while he maintained her. But recently he got married and decided it was time to focus on his coupe.

So, Marlena is back at our place, but for sale. This car deserves an excellent home! Few 164s have been this well documented, maintained and pampered. I have listed most of the good but should also note the A/C works, heck most everything works, and there is a CD changer hooked up to the stereo. Fairly fresh rear speakers. The car runs better than any 164 or for that matter 164S I have driven and I've driven a lot. Tires are good Dunlops.

When we repainted the car we did not use clearcoat, a mistake in hindsight, and it shows aging now. I will be polishing the paint this weekend, but if you want a showcar you'll want to repaint (or I can arrange to have it done). There is a very subtle dent in the front passenger door I'd straighten before painting but otherwise would ignore. There also is a single quarter-sized cosmetic rust bubble spot, to the left side of the back window, where a seal must have trapped some water.

For more information please contact me here, or [email protected], or 202/434-2227. Bob's asking price is $5,500. But any and all offers are welcome! If you know 164s and you drive this one, you'll love it.



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