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As many of you may know by now, and as new members are finding out, a few of the color wiring diagrams that I've drawn have been (and will continue to be) available here on the BB.

The 'R' following each model listing indicates that diagram's Revision number. Please check back from time to time to see if your diagram has been revised so that you can get the latest version. The revision number on your diagram is in the lower right hand corner next to the copyright. No revision number means that the diagram is a first edition. Most revisions are the result of additional information being added, usually obtained from actual vehicles, and graphics changes to improve the readability by more accurately depicting a device's actual location in the vehicle.

If you do not see what you're looking for, please PM me with your needs. There are many factory black and white wiring diagrams available for many models from the 1950s through the Series 4 115 Spider.

For 750 Series cars with 6-fuse fuseboxes, please click here. Fellow BB'er dabraham has done a marvelous job at creating these.

PLEASE NOTE: The color wiring diagrams listed below are copyrighted. While they are available free for the asking, they are not to be made publicly available without permission.

PLEASE NOTE #2: When requesting a diagram, please include your email address. I can not email a diagram without an address.

10102 Giulietta Sprint R6

10103 Giulietta Spider R6

10104 Giulietta Spider R7

10105 Giulietta Sprint R6

10106 Giulietta Sprint Veloce R6

10107 Giulietta Spider Veloce R6

10112 Giulia Sprint

10118 Giulia Spider Veloce R7

10123 Giulia Spider R6

10125 Giulietta Spider Veloce R6

10204 2000 Spider R1

10502 Giulia Sprint GT R5

10503 Spider 1600 R7

10521 2000 GT Veloce R3

10524 2000 Spider 1972 R4

10524 2000 Spider 1973

10524 2000 Spider 1974 R3

10524 2000 Spider 1977 R4

10526 Giulia Super thru 1967 R5

10526 Giulia Super from 1968 (with generator) R4

10526 Giulia Super 1969 (with alternator)

10526 Nuova Super 1600 1975 R4

10530 Giulia GT 1300 Junior Series 1 R4

10530 Giulia GT 1300 Junior Series 2 R4

10530 Giulia GT Junior 1.3 Series 3 R5

10530S Giulia GT Junior 1.3 Series 4 R3

10532 Giulia Sprint GTA

10544 1750 GT Veloce Series 1 R4

10544 1750 GT Veloce Series 2 R3

10551 1750 GT Veloce 1969 R5

10551 1750 GT Veloce 1971 R4

10557 1750 Spider, Euro, Roundtail R1

10557 1750 Spider, Euro, Kammtail

10559 GTA 1300 Junior

10562 1750 Spider 1969 R9

10562 1750 Spider 1971 R5

10564 Montreal without Air Conditioning R5

10564 Montreal with Air Conditioning R1

10571 1750 Berlina 1969 R4

10591 Spider 1300 Junior R4

10593 Junior Z 1300

10602 2600 Sprint Series 1 R3

10602 2600 Sprint Series 2 R2

11500 2000 Berlina 1972 R2

11500 2000 Berlina 1973 R2

11501 2000 GTV 1972 R8

11501 2000 GTV 1973 R9

11501 2000 GTV 1974 R7

11502 2000 Spider Veloce 1972 R6

11502 2000 Spider Veloce 1973 R6

11502 2000 Spider Veloce 1974 R8

11502 2000 Spider Veloce 1975 49 State R5

11502 2000 Spider Veloce 1976 49 State R6

11502 2000 Spider Veloce 1977 49 State R6

11503 Giulia GT Junior 1.6 Series 3 R5

11509 Giulia Super 1.3

11524 Junior Z 1600

11529 Giulia Super 1.6

11534 Giulia GT Junior 1.6 Series 4 R3

11535 Spider 1.6 R5

11538 Spider 2.0 R4

11541 2000 Spider Veloce 1977 California R5

11541 2000 Spider Veloce 1978 R6

11541 2000 Spider Veloce 1979 R6

11541 Spider Veloce 1980 R8

11541 Spider Veloce 1981 R6

11541 Spider Veloce 1982 R15

11541 Spider 2.0 1983 R15

11541 Spider 2.0 1984 R19

11541 Spider 2.0 1985 R8

11541 Spider 1986 R20

11541 Spider 1987 w/bullet style fuses R19

11541 Spider 1987 w/blade style fuses R20

11541 Spider 1988 R21

11629 Alfetta GT 2000 1975 without Air Conditioning R2

11629 Alfetta GT 2000 1976 without Air Conditioning R3

11629 Alfetta GT 2000 1976 with Air Conditioning R3

11615 Sprint Veloce 1977 without Air Conditioning R2

11615 Sprint Veloce 1977 with Air Conditioning R3

11615 Sprint Veloce 1978 without Air Conditioning

11615 Sprint Veloce 1978 with Air Conditioning

11615 Sprint Veloce 1979 without Air Conditioning R2

11615 Sprint Veloce 1979 with Air Conditioning R3

11669 GTV6 1981

915AS 1990 Spider

915xS 1991-1994 Spider

I've spent many, many hours drawing each of these diagrams wire by wire and while I ponder quitting my day job and retiring on the proceeds of the sale of these things, they are still, for now, free. However, if you ask for and receive any of these diagrams, all I ask in return is that you consider becoming a paid subscriber to AlfaBB.

If you need any of the above mentioned diagrams, please send me a private message with your email address and I'll get it to you.

Let me issue this public THANK YOU to those who were kind enough to supply me with copies of original Alfa diagrams, descriptions and pictures of various devices with their physical locations in the car and countless other details from actual vehicles so that these diagrams could be drawn and revised as accurately as possible. Without your help, some of these diagrams could not have been possible.

11615 1978 Sprint Veloce with A/C - June 2018
11615 1978 Sprint Veloce without A/C - June 2018
915AS 1990 Spider - Nov 2018
915xS 1991-1994 Spider - Nov 2018

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1988 Spider Veloce

Dear Papajam:
Would you have the wiring diagram for this car too? Thanks in advance and

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Hi Andy,
I haven't drawn a color version for the 88 Spider (yet?) but I do have an original (about 20 pages). I could email it to you if you'd like.

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Hi Andy,
Unfortunately, no, I don't have an 01 Spider diagram. Nor do I know where to find one. Schiff European ( ) currently does not have one listed but perhaps sending a quiry will prove positive. Good luck!

Thanks, alfaman! Every bit helps.

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There's a link at top of every BB page labeled 'Site Donations'.

Diagram is on the way.

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Thanks for the diagrams.. I ordered a shop manual for the car, too. Hopefully, I'll have that this week before any new gremlins appear. I just shot ya a couple paypal bucks, too... Great site! -Karl

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Diagram for 84 - Thanks!

Hi Papajam, spoke to you last year and you said you were about to start on a diagram for the 84 spider. Many thanks! Can you point me to it on the BB?


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Spider 1991

I am looking for a wiring diagram for my 1991 Spider.......

It's been converted to RHD by Seaking (don't know if this makes any difference:confused: )

Any help would be most welcome :)

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Hey Papajam. You seem to be the Guru on Alfa wiring. I have a 59 Milano with the generator and regulator taken out. The old regulator has 6 wires going into it, the new one only has 5 post on it for the wiring. My Client has no clue because he didnt pay any attention to the wiring when he took it apart. Can you give me any clue or direction on this?
Thank you in advance

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'85 spider wiring diagram

Do you have a wiring diagram for an '85 spider? If not, is the '84 diagram the same? I have 2 '85's and they ahve some wiring differences. One (veloce) was built 10/84 and the other a graduate (I think) 2/85. They are 1699 cars apart in sequence. I will be happy to make a site donation if you have a diagram that will work for me. By the way the grad. has a switch push type (inoperative) oprated by the hood located on the passenger side (looks factory but it's. hard to tell since the wire is cut off) and another of the same type on the driver side operated by the trunk lid. I havent traced those wires yet. Neither of these switches occure on the veloce which seems to be unmolested in any way.

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'85 wiring diagram

I have 2 '85's and no good wiring diagram. They are slightly different with some extra switches on one which I think may have been installed by PO. If tou have diagrams available for the '85 please reply and I will be happy to make a site donation
Thanks - Conrad

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The 10103 Giulietta Spider diagram I have shows eight wires connected as follows to five terminals on the regulator;

Terminal A1 - three wires; black to horn relay, 16ga red to headlight flashing relay and a 10ga red to the hot side of fuse #3.
Terminal A - one 10ga red wire from the battery cable post on the starter.
Terminal F - one 16ga black wire to the F (I think) terminal on the generator.
Terminal D - two blue wires, one 10ga to the generator and the other to the dynamo light on the dash.
Terminal E - ground

I suspect though that you may have a 750 Series car and I don't know if the wiring is the same. I'll try to find out....

Sorry, but I don't have an 85 diagram; only 84 and 86-88.

If either of you would like these diagrams, please send me your email address in a private message and I'll get them to you.
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