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Auto Italia (again) 2011

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Hello all, long time no chat.

Here are a few images from Auto Italia in Canberra two weeks ago. As ever, a good turn out. I often wonder when i'm going to get tired of plodding about in fields looking at Italian cars, but it hasn't happened yet. Very impressed with the turn out of 105 saloons, particularly the Ocra 1300 Super that I failed to photograph (!) and the Montreals. Very indulgent appearances in the Fiat 2300 section and there was a a Fiat 1500 Osca Cabrio in totally unmolested, un-restored and un-prettied up condition that simply stole my heart. And I didn't photograph it because it was in the shade...

Hope you're all well.


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A few more. The Colli is an absolutely sublime machine, I am particularly lucky to have spent numerous, long miles behind the wheel of this car and it is without doubt, the finest Alfa 105 series car i've ever driven. With its stable mate the Romeo 2, quite possibly the most unique Alfa Romeos in Australia. Lets not split hairs or aim for superlatives, they're just bloody nice cars, properly restored and used as they were intended to be.


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Heya Ben. Great photos. Thanks for sharing. Got more?

Where did everyone go?
great pics
Small world, thats my father behind the Alfa service wagon. it was a great day! any pics of the 75's..?
more montreal please!
Don't know why it took me so long to notice this thread.
I really like montys in that green...

More (of anything) please!
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