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Auto Berlina 2000 on ebay!!

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Check this out Berlina fans :-
This car changed hands thru a London auctioneer (Barons?) for £3000ish:eek: recently but is now for sale again...
I'm not sure if the link will work, if not copy n paste 110170670012 into the search box on ebay.
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Wow,what a nice car! I think 3,000 pounds would have been a steal for that car at auction. A lot of the resto plating and polishing is a bit over the top for my taste but I do like that birds-eye maple dash. It'll be interesting to see how high this one goes.

Super nice...worth...twice as much the west coast..if not a little more...i would value something like that around 15k.US..all it must have a very comfortable ride...being an automatic... WOW...
right hand drive.....
so no go here....
It didn't meet the reserve, so no sale:rolleyes:, dunno what the present owner has in mind but, if he bought it to make a proffit he's got his work cut out with the limited market that there is for this type of car here in the UK. The automaticness will put most people off and the over polished resto work in and around the engine isn't to everyones taste. LHD would make it more popular to the rest of the world, but hey, we drive LHD here when theres no choice (Lancia Delta integrale to name one) so I guess its not impossible to drive RHD in other terratories:D
It's Back

The Gold 2000a is back on ebay again:rolleyes:, same seller:), lower starting price:D......

ALFA ROMEO BERLINA 2000 AUTOMATIC.1975.CONCOURS WINNER! on eBay, also, Alfa Romeo, Classic Cars, Cars, Parts Vehicles (end time 12-Dec-07 11:00:00 GMT)

Any takers????
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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