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Extending the invitation to our Alfa / Italian car friends to the north -

Hello Folks,

Group 2 Motorsports is again hosting our annual Alfa Romeo Drivers summer event here at the shop in Magnolia this coming Saturday, August 10th, 2019 and you are ALL invited!

The gathering is open to all fans of the marque - whether Northwest Alfa Romeo Club members or not (and whether past, current or future Alfa Romeo owners, or not!)

Join us for Nuova Evoluzione 2019! The event is open to everybody and we hope to make this the largest gathering of Alfa Romeos and Alfa fans in the Seattle area hosted during 2019! The day starts at 10:00AM on Saturday morning and will run to 3:00PM. So please, join us for a fun day of food, drinks, music, vendors and all things Italian - especially Italian cars - and in particular, our lovely Alfas!

Exclusively designed Alfa Romeo T-shirts will be printed on-site by specialty Automotive Art & Apparel vendor, Group 6ix. We will have DJ Scrambler spinning just the right mix, we'll have a food truck onsite and "pony-rides" in a few select Alfas for the lucky few.

Other co-sponsors include LeMay Car Museum, DG Vintage Coachworks, Hagerty, Griot's Garage and Authentic Motorcars and the day will also include a raffle for lots of door-prizes!

As always, we're open to the older Alfa Romeo models (we're going to have a local club member's Touring Coachwork 1932 Alfa Romeo 8c 2300 on display - for those who care about the classics and many cool models from the years in-between), but we want to also invite the owners of new Stelvio, 4C, 8C and Giulia models to come over and meet the NWARC and the G2 team! Please put the word out!

Also, if you like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram where Melissa is extremely active in constantly updating our friends and customers, you'll never miss out on another one of our fun events again. Here are some links to our Facebook, Instagram and website events pages (if you don't like to utilize social media.)

The Group 2 Motorsports "Events" Page:

Group 2 Motorsports Facebook Page:

Group 2 Motorsports Instagram Page:

Melissa also launched a new Alfa Romeo drivers Facebook group - geared especially towards the owners of the new Quadrifoglios and other Giulias, Stelvios / Stelvio QVs, 4Cs, 8Cs etc. Drivers of all other older models are also welcome to join that group and to be invited to special events, drives and other activities -

Here's that link:

Hope to see you all on August 10th!

Cheers, JvR


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