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August 16th Pacific Raceways Track Day

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I wanted to thank all involved with putting on the joint Audi Club - Alfa Club track day. I heard many comments from first timers driving with us; all amazed at how smooth things work, and how much fun the people are.

I had the most incredible time myself, especially during the first of two open sessions at the end of the day, in hot pursuit of five 911's running in a chain.

I would encourage volunteers, as this is the only way we can have this fun. I'll Tech next track day.
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Agreed - Big fun!

We need a volunteer professional photographer who'll hang out from time to time in exchange for something - some track-time, or something - for taking pictures and posting them here!

There are guys at the Ring for example who earn a living "stalking" drivers at the track and in bars at night - selling them pictures of their cars on-track! It is sure to draw other drivers to the hobby over time - friends/co-workers/family and other people see pictures framed or something of existing drivers doing this and it generates interest! (Walked in to Jes' office in SoCal a few weeks back and it looked cool - all of his track-pics up on his wall!)

Also, it would be great to find a dedicated volunteer to run the timing equipment for us! Not Kathleen, not somebody else with 100 other things to do, or already committing their time - somebody who does just this one thing who would like to hang out at the track (and maybe receive some other form of benefit!)

We could also play with the idea of charging 5 bucks to have your laps timed (over and above track-fees) and this could go to compensate this resource. (I know of 10-20 guys who would pay 5 bucks for the day to have their laps timed reliably!)
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