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ash tray

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Can anyone tell me what car this ash tray is for? It is stamped B.O.M. Phil


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Looks like the one in my 63 Giulia Spider!

Larry McKeough
1300, 101 and earlier. The 64-65 did not have the opening button, and the interior ash bucket was cadmium, not chrome.
The 1300 Giulietta's never got an ashtray, that was a Giulia 1600 feature. Agree that the Giulia version never had the button.

BOM probably produced generic versions of the Alfa offering for other manufacturers and also as an accessory, the version with the button would have been more expensive , hence Alfa opted for the flip open lid to save Lira.

You could view it as a period accessory for the early to mid '60's and if a Giulia owner didn't have this item, it's 99% correct and would not be out of place in a neat 'driver'

Greig,Thanks for the information,makes sense.Regards,Phil
My all original 63 (made in 1962) Giulia has the button! There was one without the button on Ebay this past week for big bucks. I just looked but can't find it now.
d'Amico and Tabucchi (First Edition, pp 418-419) indicate that the cigar lighter and ashtray were fitted to the Giulietta Spider in July 1961, at the same time that the tall taillights, stainless steel border around the the rear of the ****pit, revised rear trunk-lid hinges and "anti-dazzle" rear view mirror were incorporated. I think, but am not sure, that this is when the dash knob symbols were changed from gold to silver. My '62 Giulietta Spider (build date January 30, 1962) has the cigar lighter, ash tray (without button) and silver dash knob symbols.
There is an interesting chapter in "Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider" (Giorgio Nada, editor) entitled "The Third Series", and this describes the changes made in the last version of the Giulietta Spider. The book is in Italian, but I have an English translation of this chapter. Pasted below is the text of the initial portion of the chapter, and if anyone would like a copy of the entire chapter as a pdf file, send me a PM with your email address. I also have a scan, as a pdf file, of the original Italian version. This includes pictures, one of which indicates that the radio block-off plate for the Series 3 Spiders was that later used for the Giulia Spiders.


In the second half of 1961, the Giulietta Spider underwent a small esthetic face-lift, both for industrial standardization problems and to make it even more attractive to its admirers. The third and last series of the convertibles of the Giuletta s family was therefore born, and it would be built officially until the beginning of the summer 1962. The most important modification applied on the exterior body concerns the rear lights.The optical unit, built both by Carello and by Altissimo, was of larger dimensions and included the reflector too. In order to assemble it, it had been necessary to enlarge the
lower part of the rear fin, without modifying the always-pleasant line of the Spider of the Milanese House. Next to the windshield, two water sprayers, necessary accessories, were installed. They were activated by a little rubberpump located next to the windshieldwiper switch. The small soft-plastic container for the liquid detergent was placed in the engine- compartment. The soft-top disappeared completely behind the seats. The
chromium-plated hinges used to open the trunk were now one-piece with two hooks where the top is hooked up. The badge of the House of Pinin Farina was entirely in plastic. In the interior, one particular modification helps the aficionados today to recognize this third generation of the Spider: the dashboard s fake-leather cover, held near the windshield by an aluminum strip screwed to the body. Also on the dashboard, the rear mirror has a support of new design and can be adjusted to an anti-dazzle position.
In between the two seats an accessory useful for those who smoke appears: an ashtray of chromium-plated metal. The inevitable cigarette lighter was first planned to be placed on the far right of the dashboard, but instead was placed in the middle of the push-button
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My 60 Giulietta Spider Veloce (101 engine & 40DCOE2 Webers) had that ashtray when I bought it in 1962 to build my first Alfa race car. It may have come from a later model, but I doubt it due to the marks it had left in the carpeting. It had been there a while on a 2 year old car. Perhaps an American only variation? Who knows. For Bob's excellent comment above, it had the metal dash with the metal nosing, and NO cigarette lighter.
I've done a little research today and came up with some interesting information.This ash tray was supposedly used in Maserati 3500's,Lamborghini 350-400's,and Ferrari models 250-330,according to a Maseratisource auction description.This auction,#120682657646 has ended,but the pics are still there,as well as the price$$$.Definitly the same ash tray.Also found another picture under "Ferrari 250GTE ashtrays".Identical ash tray,same engraving,button,BOM,but a small crossed flag Ferrari emblem was added and screwed on the lid.So to summarize,it looks like this ash tray was used in several European cars,including the Alfa Romeo,and as Grieg pointed out,probably the aftermarket too.A sincere thanks to all who responded,Regards,Phil
Let me add some further confusion concerning the ash tray(s). Below are photos of the ash tray currently in my '62 Giulietta Spider. This clearly is a different ash tray than in Alphil's photos, and there is no "BOM" stamp. When I acquired the '62 Spider, it had the same type ash tray as in the photos but was in quite sad shape. I then found and bought the same type ash tray on ebay that was in better shape, and later a third ash tray (shown in the photos below) that was in even better shape. Both ebay purchases were listed as Giulietta items, but who knows.

I don't think it is possible to sort out what really was going on. Plausibly Alfa used one supplier over a certain period of time and then switched to another supplier. Or, equally plausible, they were simultaneously obtaining ash trays from two different suppliers and installing whatever they felt like in whatever car. Not unlike Fergat versus Borrani wheels.


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I think Bob's correct. They might have sourced them form more than one vendor. Or made a running change as one style ran out. I attached a few photos of mine. This car was built on Sept 29, 1962.

Larry McKeough

Vehicle Car

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Metal Gas Tin

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I just noticed the pattern on the top of mine is different than Bob's.
your ash tray is the same as that posted by Alphil. Mine has different scrolling on the lid and a different inside tray. And no "B.O.M.' stamp. They appear to be from different manufactures.
Bob's looks just like my '65 Giulia unit without the lid button, just a raised lip on the front edge. WoW! At least all us non-smokers have ashtrays to stash loose or suddenly falling off Alfa screws and small bits!
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