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As seen on ebay: $12,000 164

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Not mine just passing along. Would love to see them get that price. ;)

from the ad:

"You are bidding on without a doubt the NICEST 164LS left in the United States....Car has been pampered and garaged its whole life. Inside leather is immaculate. Outside paint is gorgeous. ...This car looks like a brand new car. And check out the mileage, 80,009... This is a car if you know Alfa Romeo's you will immediately realize is a one of a kind car found nowhere else in the United States Has had timing belt recently replaced, and all other necessary maintenance work. Air conditioning not as cold as it use to be , and will probably need re=charging . The computer system on front dash which always seems to breakdown on all 94 and 95 models works perfectly !!! Sunroof works flawlessly... Tires are brand new !!!Believe me if you are looking for this kind of car, this is it. Price is obviously set above book value, but that should not bother you if you are truly looking of this car. This is one in a million Car even smells like it just came from the showroom floor....DON'T PASS THIS UP!!!!!!! Car has been described to the best of my knowledge...Come take a look and I guarantee you will drive home with it that day...!! "
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Looks nice. I hope he gets what he's asking for :)

Nice LS' are really hard to find.
yeah, nice LS but the Q is there for 5k cheaper, will probably draw more attention. I would love to see an LS go for 12k but I don't know if I would try to sell mine still :)
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