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AROSC Summer Party & Meeting
Once again it is time for our Summer Party. Everybody is invited, club members or just interested in seeing us in person.
We meet at Phyllis Gaylard’s place in Huntington Beach which is located about a mile from the ocean.
We will again have a potluck lunch, and request that you all either bring your favorite potluck item or fork out $5 bucks a person so we can buy some xtra food. We suggest primarily home-prepared dishes, cold or room temperature. We can heat up stuff in the oven or microwave.
A bottle of wine is always welcome!
In order for this to work you must call or E-mail an RSVP before party day. That goes for us club members and you visitors. Please.
Just tell Phyllis what you want to bring or if you will just pay the $5 so she can coordinate and provide a complete menu. The club will provide soda, water, etc.

DATE: Sunday, July 31, 2011
TIME: Noon to 4:00 PM or???
WHERE: 17041 Malta Circle,
Huntington Beach, 92649
(Thomas Bros. Map pg 857 C1)
RSVP: to Phyllis by Friday, July 29 at (714) 377-6377, or e-mail to [email protected]
More info at:
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