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Copied from AROSC e-mail:

If you haven't heard yet I am proud to announce that AROSC has secured a
date at Laguna Seca._ The bad news is, this date is in May, right in between
the dates we already have at Willow Springs and Buttonwillow, and it will be
a busy spring._ The good news is, the weather should be fine._ We are
checking to see if we can move Buttonwillow back to later in June but it
does not seem likely.

The schedule now is:

Willow Springs:__ April 12-13_
Laguna Seca:_____ May 17-18
Buttonwillow:____ June 7-8__
Fontana:_________ August 9-10

Around the end of this month we will mail a application forms for the next
three events (Willow Springs, Laguna Seca, Buttonwillow), all combined in
one mailer._ It will have separate application forms for each and you will
need to write separate checks for each._ And, we expect Laguna Seca to be a
sellout so send your check for that one in early._ In fact, because this is
such a large workload for Registration Director Terry Watson we will be
cutting off registration for each event 10 days ahead._ No at-the-track
applications will be accepted.

We are still checking on the possibility of adding an event in November,
perhaps at Las Vegas or Pahrump.

Of course, we also have the two driving schools at Streets of Willow:

February 8-9_ (this weekend)
September 13-14

Finally, let me announce, for those who haven't heard, that at the
Buttonwillow weekend we will be adding an Enduro race as well as the regular
races._ We are still working out details, but it will most likely be 1.5
hours long with at least one mandated pit stop of 15 minutes._ Two drivers
will be required for each car with at least 20 minutes per driver._ This is
a race and all race safety equipment rules apply, and we will only be
accepting drivers who have a race license with us (a time trial license is
not adequate).

Doug Bender
AROSC Competition Director

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they should do a 2 hour enduro, with one mandatory 10 minute pit stop. 15 min is too long.

also, you should be allowed to run the whole race if you'd like. if you want to switch drivers it's your choice.
if i want to run 2 hours i should be allowed to,

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