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A gathering of Alfa Romeo models veering into the front entrance of Sime Darby Auto ConneXion (SDAC), Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur, was a new and unusual sight Saturday at the 20th Anniversary 155 Celebration, where row upon row of immaculate 155 Alfa Romeos dominating the once of a lifetime event. With attendance close to 100 people with participation of 55 Alfa Romeos of various models, from the trusted Giulietta 82’ to the new and improve 159 models.

Alfa Romeo Owners Club Klang Valley (AROCKV) Malaysia was established in 2005 for enthusiasts who value performance, fun, style, and driving experience of Alfa Romeo in Klang Valley initially and has now been extended to other cities in Malaysia. The club members consist of owners who drive various models of Alfa Romeo produced between 1980’s and the present days namely the Giulietta, the Alfettas, the AlfaSuds, the Alfa 33s, 75s, 145s, 146s, 147s, 155s, 156s, 164s, 168s (164 Super), 166s and up to the recent model of 159s. AROCKV has over the years regularly host and participated in events which carries the Alfa Romeo brand. This participation has been recognised through various automobile magazines and website, locally as well as foreign media.

2012 marks the 20th anniversary of Alfa Romeo 155 and Alfa Romeo Owners Club Klang Valley (AROCKV) has been invited by, a French-based Alfa Romeo enthusiast website to participate in commemorating the event. AROCKV have been requested to send a video of the how 155 owners celebrate the event in Malaysia and the video will be uploaded in their website together with other clubs video from all over the world.

Months and many sleepless nights after, AROCKV has finally organized the event which was held at Fraser Hill, Pahang Darul Makmur on 5th – 6th May 2012. The event was flag off by Mr. Hanif Tan Abdullah General Manager SDAC and the journey to Fraser Hill began. The police escort from SDAC to Fraser Hill has made the whole journey safe and also proper, especially having to go through Jalan Ipoh on Saturday morning can be quite a nightmare.

The convoy departs and the leisure journey or drive to Fraser Hill began. The drivers were captivated with the long winding corners and terrain which brings excitement to these petrol heads while those who had their families with them would have the opportunity to view the natural and fresh surroundings leading towards Fraser Hill.

After a breathtaking trip up to Fraser Hill, the participants were welcomed by Assam Pedas Restaurant to enjoy the complimentary lunch which was provided courtesy of Assam Pedas. Shahzan Inn the official venue for accommodation provided a simple yet proper accommodation facilities, upon finishing lunch and before having their free and easy session, the participants checked into their rooms and for those who have tired feets were able to rest while the rest would soak up the fresh air in Fraser Hill.

The afternoon session was purely free and easy, where the participants would be able to rest and relax whilst waiting for the night event to commence. The afternoon “Inspection 155” session took place where judges including Mr. Rashid Karyeo (AROC Singapore), Mr. Shuhaibul Muslimin (AROCKV Malaysia) and Mr. Johan Izham Jamalulil from (Traffic Magazine Online) began to inspect the odd 27 numbers of AR155 and deciding who would win the prizes for Best Interior, Best Exterior, Most Originally and Overall Best 155 during this event.

The night session provided a family atmosphere with the BBQ dinner and Live Band performance at Assam Pedas Restaurant. Families and kids gather to the sounds of the past, enjoying to 80s and 90s hits. Lucky draw as well as prize giving for the “Inspection 155” were part of the night procession. AROCKV open a booth selling merchandise ie T-Shirts, Auto Decals, etc

On the 2nd day, after a heavy breakfast buffet at Shahzan Inn, participants were treated to the familiar photo session at the big clock in Fraser Hill.

The 2nd day provided the participants with the trip heading to Temerloh for Gulai Tempoyak Ikan Patin lunch. The route took participants to the challenging road with Felda Estates on left and right. 46 cars took part heading to Temerloh and after the 2 hour journey, all participants safely arrive at the lunch destination. Hungry faces and tired souls, after lunch and with a full tummy, the last photo session took place in which after that it was time to come home.

In summary, the event proves to be a successful effort in consolidating Alfa Romeo owners and instill the high spirits and comradeship amongst Alfa Owners.

Cuore Sportivo! Forza AROCKV Malaysia!

AROCKV Photo Album - AROCKV Malaysia Celebrates Alfa Romeo 155 20th Anniversary. | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Words: Razi (AROCKV Media) , Photography : Hisha AK (AROCKV Media)


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