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Warning Long Rant follows
Over the years I've been sitting back "listening" while you all have discussed the lack of love the Club gives Montreals. Sophia and I - Sophia is my computer - have had lots of laughs from those of you who are (in our opinions) way too sensitive about such matters.
So today I get my June issue of Alfa Owner and what we have is a feature story written by Peter Collins about the history of Bertone and the designers that made it a design powerhouse. Cool - so after reading about Scalione's BAT's and Giugiaro's Giulia's we come to Marcello Gandini. Great here's where the Montreal story will be. To talk about Gandini you must talk about the ground breaking Miura and Collins does. Then you might mention the Marzal and Espada. Not my cup of tea but . And since this is a story in the Alfa Owner you might think here is where the Montreal gets some print. But no we skip the Montreal and go to talk about Lancias, Maseratis, Audi's, VW's and Opels. To be fair and balanced there is a picture of a Montreal in the article. I'm not sure why since the article gives no mention of Gandini's Alfa.
To those of you that Sophia and I laughed at - we must make a public apology. You were right - we was wrong. The Club has no love for our Montreals.
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