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Are GTV6 & Alfetta GT engine mounts the same?

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I'm referring to where and how the engine mounts in the engine bay.

I'm toying (toying being the key word here) with installing my Twin Spark in a GTV6. I'm trying to find out what I'd be up against. Obviously the exhaust system would be totally different. I'm also not sure if I could use the GTV6 driveshaft and (being lazy here) if the gearing of the gearbox/differential would work (successfully) with the somewhat less powerful TS.

I somewhat doubt if this has been done before and the less hassle in making this change the better it would be including helping me make up my mind.

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I'd ask Junglejustice, but being that the engine mounts of a GTV6 are the same as a Milano, and the Milano is where the TS motor was designed to live, that it should sit happily enough in a GTV6... without the bonnet down, at least (not sure on clearance). Personally, I've toyed with the idea too, and I decided it would be a better swap for an Alfetta, just my opinion.
According to Centerline and IAP, Alfetta engine mounts are different from V6 mounts.
With the weight the GTV6 carries with it, it might make more sense to get an Alfetta?

As far as using different mounts, it shouldn't be too hard to drill new holes and use new studs or just modify some mounts to accept the TS. Engine mounts should be the easier part of the conversion. If you have the 4.1 gearing then the gearbox will be perfect. If you have the 3.XX box then you'd might as well find an Alfetta coupe for the money and time it would cost to change boxes out :)
Actually I have an Alfetta GT which I could put the TS in. However, I like the GTV6 seats, the electric mirrors and windows, larger brakes, and if I can keep the transaxle I find they shift much better than the Alfetta's do. I know of a pretty inexpensive GTV6 for sale, which has a few 'issues' but is a runner. The Alfetta GT I have hasn't run for about 15 years and there are weird things about it like someone has removed the bolts from one of the donuts. I'm afraid if I get it running I'm going to run into more problems than I'd encounter with a runner. I do have a spare (needs rebuilding) Alfetta GT transaxle should I need it.

Same mounting points/ways of mounting/angles in the chassis however, different mounts for the V6 to the TS and different mounting brackets... I'd use the appropriate mounts to go with whichever ENGINE you're installing - it is the "adapter" if you will...

Both mounts fit any TA chassis on the bottom side - same-same for both however, they have two very different type of mounts to fit the two individual blocks at the top of each mount...
John, Scott, thanks for the information. My only fear was if the entire mounting 'brackets' on the chassis were moved either up (towards teh front or back). I doubted it. The fellow installing the 3.0 into a (what I'll term) later Euro 2.0 extended the mounts forward for the 3.0. However since the 3.0 came from a 90 (I assume similar to 'our' 164) the motor mounts might be different than even a 3.0 Milano's. Dunno. In any event he said the mounts would then fit both a 2.0 as well as a 3.0. Long story short, I'm guessing the studs might have to be relocated and not much else.

John, anyone care to comment regarding how well an '85 GTV6 transaxle as well as the driveshaft would work with the TS? Not being a natural born hot rodder, I like things that bolt up nice and easy.

FWIW: Should I go through with this, the GTV6 will end up looking considerably more like an Alfetta GT than a GTV6 - though with the latters hood. I don't like plastic cladding.

I think that a TS with the long GTV 6 box would suck wind!

We too are playing with the TS in a GTV6 street chassis idea - keeping all of the V6 amenities, but with a TS or a Milano 4.10:1 box...

I have a good TS LSD box for sale BTW...

425.941.4747 or [email protected]
The 90 was basically a 75/Milano with a different body and the good 'ol 2.5. Same mounts as the other RWD V6's.
I assumed the 90 was a 'sideways engine' like the 164. The fellow at the site (see Scott's above URL) said something about a shorter crankshaft than on other V6 engines and that the plenum pointed in the wrong direction to install in his Alfetta GT. I'm certainly not saying you're incorrect but why would the plenum point backwards in a north/south installation?

John, when you say TS LSD 'box' are you talking about a complete transaxle? It definitely sounds like the way to go. Also, you've not replied to my email to you. No doubt you're busy, but having a bit more information on the car in question would be very helpful.

Ahh, that thread is a little confusing. He's done 2 swaps, first from 2.0L to 2.5V6 from the 90. Then from the 2.5 to a 3.0 24V out of a 164. When he talks about the 4mm flywheel spacer and plenum modification, it's for the 164 motor swap.

Will a GTV-6 transaxle bolt on underneath an Alfetta GT?
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