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Are 164 windshields still available?

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I have heard some people say that a new windshield is hard to find and cost over $1000 if you can find one. Is that true? I dont currently own a 164, but I would like to buy one evnetually, but if be scared to drive it if that is the case.
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yep available

Like any car that is within the realm of my affordance, there is no reason to fear any mechanical/electrical/cosmetic part replacement! 164 windshields are 'products of commerce" and readily sourced by a number of folks,

richrd tankel at
jason at
jon norman at alfa parts in berkely
ed at difatta brothers in balto MD

not an issue at all -- buy that 164 and come back and tell us all about it!
The cost of the glass is about $600+, but then you have to add in crate costs, shipping, insurance against breakage, a trim kit and installation of the windshield and you are approaching the $900+ mark.
Ouch thats alot of money for a windshield. Between that and the cost of some of the other parts I have seen, I think I will have to stick with milanos at least until I finish college and get a better job. lol
It also depends on where you live. I find many 164 parts cars in socal that have good glass and decent rubber for cheap. I don't need one yet but could scoop one up in no time. I think Jason at Alfissimo Int has imported glass at a real good price.
Ouch thats alot of money for a windshield. ...
The back windshield is even more expensive that the front one. These cars, as all Alfas that were sold in the U.S., were expensive when new. We are lucky that there are aftermarket suppliers who sell parts for much more reasonable prices, but Alfa parts in general are at a par with other European manufacturers.

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If you have full glass coverage on your insurance (a small premium) doesn't that moot the cost issue?
Grundy upped the cost of their insurance this year, but as part of the package they included full coverage on windshields. If I am on my way to a car event and get a rock from a truck in the glass, at least I am covered. :)
Alfa 164 windshields affordable in the future

The good news is that these windshields will be produced by FYG (Fuyao Glass) in the next few months with I believe the correct heating elements just like the originals. FYG makes most of the aftermarket glass on the more technilogically advance automobiles presently on the market. They are pretty good at most and the price will be quite a bit cheaper! Stay tuned.

There is some NOS OE glass available here in the States if any interest for the 164. There are about 6 or 7 backwindows Sekurit new priced reasonable for the 164B, L, LS. feel free to inquire. Happy New Year to all.
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