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We had a total of six cars, which made everything quite manageable, and participants really came to know each other well. Here are the participants:

Jerry Godfrey: 1969 1750 Spider Veloce (red)
Steve Barber: 1973 GTV (blue)
Paul Mehus: 1956 Giulietta Spider Veloce (red)
Tris Thomson: 1957 Giulietta Spider Veloce (red)
Patrick Hung: 1963 Giulia Spider (black)
Bob Wheatley: 1993 Spider Veloce (green)

There were some winnings taken in at Tahoe, but not enough to drive home in a brand new Ferrari. Photos at following link:

Spring Tour Photos

Keep an eye out for our over-nighter to Cambria in July (assuming Hwy. 1 opens by then)!

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