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Dear BB'ers,

The Alfa Romeo Association of Northern California (ARA) has recently elevated me to the role of President due to the unexpected resignation of our ex-president, Jim Filice, as a result of family health matters. I hope to properly fill Jim's shoes and maintain the level of quality and activity that Jim has instilled in the club in the past year. Please wish me luck!

We have some very interesting events upcoming for the months of February and March, all of which may be reviewed on our events calendar:

Headlining February are Martin Lauber and Conrad Stevenson presenting at the club meeting their success in their Giulia Ti at the Carrera Panamericana (2/02); here's a link to Martin's blog during the grueling competition: El Taxi Perdido's Blog

The club will also be visiting the Mallya Collection in Sausalito (2/24):

March will host the ARA's annual Winter Tour, this time to Pinnacles Natl. Monument's East Side - I've done this route a number of times, and it's some of the best California two-laners that I've driven - be sure to come!

We are also planning for a Tech Session to occur in March; we haven't quite pinned down the host yet, but that should come soon.

For more information on the ARA and its events, please visit our website: Alfa Romeo Association (the link's also in my signature).

I look forward to a wonderful and challenging year at the helm of the ARA. Please let me know if I can answer any question regarding the ARA; I'd also be glad to take suggestions on how the ARA can better serve you, members and non-members alike.

For those of you who can't wait to sign up, our membership fee is $35/year; members simply need to enjoy Alfa Romeos (no need to own one), and will receive 12 issues of the club magazine The Overheard Cams.
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