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1990 164QV Euro spec & 1991 168B
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AR164 - Some of My Paraphrased Quotes for 164 Tech Tips that may be helpful.

1. I drop subframe by removing all mounting bolts not just rear ones then lower subframe with engine, tranny and steering rack as an assembly to be able to get rack out easier. This helps being able to get rack off steering column universal shaft, too.

2. I remove front transmission mount and lower tranny onto subframe to give better access to remove front timing belt covers, cam pulleys, aux shaft pulley, rear exhaust manifold, rear head and yes probably would help to remove starter as it helps to get to rear manifold nuts and bolts, starter heat shield and finally starter.

3. I remove false firewall to gain access to not only heater blower motor, heater core and a/c evaporator but to gain access to rear exhaust manifold bolts, starter shield and starter and to give clearance remove rear head without having to roll engine.

4. I always install top bolt into starter with 13mm socket TAPED to short 1/4" drive extension just long enough to clear end of starter and then spot tie extension to starter BEFORE I put starter back into bellhousing so I can then just plug in a ratchet to extension to start bolt. Once I have all three starter bolts tight I cut off the spot tie and remove socket and extension. Beats trying to find bolt hole and head of bolt after starter in place.
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